Highland Venture Capital

Investing throughout Scotland in emerging business


Highland Venture Capital actively try to invest in a broad spectrum of sectors.(See our portfolio page for information on our current investments)


Recently HVC changed its policy and will now only invest in companies which have an Independent Chairman, preferably one with experience in the sector we are investing in.  These candidates sometimes arrive with the company, but more often than not, HVC have to locate a suitably qualified individual.


In order to shorten the time that process can take HVC are trying to build a register of Chairmen whom they might introduce to funding applicants as part of the funding process. Depending on the opportunity the role may be Executive, or Non Executive, and more likely than not the position will be part time.


As our investments grow we sometimes need to strengthen our investments with the appointment of CEO’s.  We are keen to have a register of interested parties for this type of role as well


Candidates for both posts should have demonstrable experience in growing fledgling business, bringing new and innovative products to market.

We are keen that both these posts are located reasonably close to the company.  At the moment we find most of our investments are based in the Central Belt of Scotland.  However, we are keen to expand the number of our investments in the Highlands and Islands.


As an Angel Investment Group we invest in start up companies offering new and innovative products and technologies.  Our purpose is to develop these companies over a 3 to 5 year term, and exit from the investment by selling the company, or our share of it. Close co-operation and reporting to the investors is required.


Our investment portfolio is growing all the time, and as a result, we are keen to build a register of suitable candidates which may affect our willingness to take on particular new investments.


Interested parties should, in the first instance, call Iain Scott, on 01 463 712588